Schedule is most likely subject to change!

It is time to fly in the Caribbean and South America again and so here are some flights mostly based on either TCA-scheduled flights, or Charter flights. These flights will be flown with aircrafts in the seize of A32X, B737, B757, B767, or any similar aircraft of that seize and capable of cruising at least at Mach 0.78.

I hope, that many pilots will join these flights. I can provide generally FS9 flightplans and files for Flight Operation Center, which are always in the download. You will now be able to report your flights using the OFR (online only, no e-mail), by selecting the flight you have flown. In the download you will also find the schedule.

The schedule is in GMT and reflects the time the MP-Session will start!

Click on the flight next to the date to get the files.

November 29: MP0001
December 06: MP0002
December 13: MP0003
December 20: MP0004
December 27: No MP January 03: MP0005 January 10: MP0006 January 17: MP0007
January 24: MP0008 January 31: MP0009 February 07: MP0010 February 14: MP0011
April 18: MP0012
April 25: MP0013
May 02: MP0014
May 09: MP0015
May 16: MP0016 May 23: MP0017 May 30: MP0018 June 13: MP0019
June 20: MP0020