February 2018

Manchester EGCC, United Kingdom

Beijing ZBAA, China

Hamburg EDDH, Germany

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the second Cargo Dispatch of 2018. The Mail Dispatch will take you further on through South America and you will visit some nice places again. You will leave Guasipati and head over to El Dorado and Canaima, both still in Venezuela. Then you will fly to Kamarang in Guyana, before you head over to Coeroenie and Zandery both in Suriname. Your last trip will take you back to Georgetown in Guyana.

The international Cargo Dispatch also will take you a little bit back and forth this time. You will fly from Miami to Manchester with a load of race horses. A load of laboratory equipment is bound for Beijing, China. Again it has been a long time since we last visited Beijing, but this destination will start to show up from time to time in the future more frequently again. From Beijing we will fly some general cargo to Anchorage. Another load of general cargo along with some fresh fish will go to Hamburg, Germany. From Hamburg you will fly escalator parts to Memphis. The final flight will take you to Guadeloupe with some more general cargo.

I hope you enjoyed these flights once more. Hope to see you all next month again.

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Have fun.