April 2018

Castries TLPC, St. Lucia

Vienna LOWW, Austria

Taipei RCTP, Taiwan

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the April Cargo Dispatch. The Mail Dispatch will take you from Barbados generally up North via Vieuxfort and Castries, St. Lucia, further on to Martinique, Dominica, and finally to Guadeloupe.

The International Cargo Disptach take you first to Vienna, Austria, with a load of fresh fruits. From Vienna you will fly carbon fibers to Taipei, Taiwan. From Taiwan you will be hauling some general cargo to Sydney and even more general cargo to Nagoya, Japan. From Nagoya you will deliver cars to San Francisco. On your final flight then you will have a load of solar shingles bound for San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I hope you enjoyed these flights once more. Hope to see you all next month again.

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Have fun.