For our MP sessions we use the add-on programs FSInn and Teamspeak. TCA On-Line has two different Servers you can connect to. You can connect to any of these FSInn Servers, but you have to check in Teamspeak witch Server is in use for the MP session. If you don't know witch FSInn Server you should connect to, follow the list below to see if the Server is running. It can happen that one of the Server is down, then just try the next one. Go and download the Pilots Manual and you will find all the information about the TCA On-Line IP/DNS addresses.

1. TCA-OWL FSInn Server Open 24/7 (owner TCA2963_Carsten, runs from Germany)

2. TCA-Backup FSInn Server Open during the MP-Sessions (owner TCA2984_Christian, runs from Germany)